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Zakat Calculator

Calculate and Pay Your Zakat Using the Latest Nisab Values

Enter all assets that have been in your possession over a lunar year in the boxes below last updated: 03/07/2019
Base Nisab on value of
Gold and Silver

The gold and silver jewelleries, whether they are worn or not, zakat it to be paid on them.


This includes the money that you have in your account, or at home, or any money belonging to you.


The income from any business investment should be added to your assets and you pay zakat on it.


Money that you have loaned to others should be counted as part of your assets and Zakat is to be paid on it.


All other belonging from any of the previous list which can be classified as a saving should be part of the money to calculate for Zakat.

Business Assets

Add the total value of: cash in tills and at bank + stock for sale (current sale value) + raw materials (value at cost).


Any unpaid rent, house payments, utility bills or money that you owe etc., that are due or overdue should be excluded.




Total amount liable for Zakat: . Donate today and ease the suffering of the Palestinians.

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