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Year 2018 in words

Year 2018 in words


Year 2018 is leaving us but it has been very eventful. We have had happiness, sorrow and difficulties along the way, but despite this, we attempted to remain ambitious with our targets and to bring the happiness on the faces of the needy in Palestine.

The projects

Earlier this year, we started with the school winter campaign 2018 project which was needed in Palestine. The extreme harsh winter meant people were deprived even from the bare necessities since they have been living under siege (blockade) for more than 11 years. However, our duty at EAP is to intervene during these difficult times and provide substantial appeal. In fact, this year we managed to reach 4,000 families in the West Bank and 10 schools, by providing each child with their winter needs (school winter kit).

  Ramadan water 1

Considering that 95% of water in Gaza considered undrinkable, we wanted to take immediate action. Hence, in February we decided to focus on providing clean water for schools in the Gaza Strip and we helped in offering schools in Rafah, such as Hassan Kannafani. This project is providing more than 70,000 students with clean water in that particular area. EAP in 2018 managed to reach more than 100 schools in all around Gaza Strip, and we are still keen to provide clean water for 48 schools in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Ramadan is a month of generosity. Hence, we decided to launch the Ramadan 2018 campaign in our charity dinners in East, West and Central London, and we have – with the grace of Allah – reached more than 100,000 benefices in Palestine during the whole month of Ramadan. The money will be invested in comprehensive social programs at EAP which will be implemented in the holy month of Ramadan.

After Ramadan, we gave more attention for EAP projects in Jerusalem (Al-Quds) – a special city to all our hearts. August and September were mainly aimed to target the higher education program which includes the vocational and education project. Furthermore, we have expanded our vocational and university based projects in Palestine and the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

food parcel Cermony Gaza 

By November, we started the 2018/19 winter campaign as continuous, seasonal projects for the needy Palestinians children and families.

By the end of the year, we would like to launch a new, and established project, called children in need. This is for the neglected children whom are neither orphans or children with special needs, but are equally as needy, desperate and seeking help. Fortunately, many donors have supported this project quite adequately.

We will continue to invest our energy in all projects in Palestine because all of them are equally important.

  EAP Water Project in Gaza