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Tawjihi (High school) in Palestine

Tawjihi (High school) in Palestine


Celebration for the recognition of distinguished high school students

in the Gaza strip Palestine



EAP managed to honour the top 100 High school students (tawjihi) in the Gaza strip, by organizing a big celebration in coordination with the Islamic university in Gaza for the students and their families. This celebration covered all students from all areas of the Gaza strip.

       TAWJEEHI (High school) in Palestine   TAWJEEHI (High school) in Palestine

The head of the university, Dr Adel Awadallah was among the speakers at the celebration and thanked EAP for their amazing support in which this was the first time the university had been involved in such events. Dr. Moin Shubib (CEO of EAP) was also among the speakers in a recorded video, from which he promised the continuous support of EAP for education in Palestine and promised to make sure this celebration would occur every Year and will be held in the west bank and Gaza strip next year. Furthermore, the student speaker Luay Kano, generated 99.9% which was the highest across Palestine. In his speech, he thanked EAP for this amazing opportunity.

      TAWJEEHI (High school) in Palestine      TAWJEEHI (High school) in Palestine

EAP provided all 100 students with a gift consisting of $100 to support them and their families, from which up to 600 family members attended the celebration. It worth mentioning that EAP organised similar even last year  to honour the distinguished students of 2016/1017.