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Ramadan Field Report 5

Eid Gift and Zakat Al Fitr – Ramadan 2019


Before the end of Ramadan, every able and sane Muslim must pay a compulsory charity known as Zakat Al Fitr. Have you paid your Zakat Al Fitr?
This Ramadan, donate your Zakat Al Fitr to the needy students in Palestine. The worsening social and political situation in Palestine has left our students and their families barely surviving on the little food and clean water they can afford.
Maximise the happiness you will bring to Palestine and donate an Eid gift to the less fortunate. At EAP, we are keen to celebrate Eid with the orphans and the needy by offering Palestinians an Eid gift and bringing children out of their somber daily drudgeries to enjoy what is considered a special time for the rest of the Muslims around the world.


As we learn from our Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh): whoever brings happiness to anyone, he will be rewarded Jannah. And when is it a better time to bring happiness to someone?

Your small donation of just £5 for your Zakat Al Fitr can be a lifeline So far, in 2019, we have reached 8,900 families and have also provided an Eid Gift for 3,000 families. Help us maximise these numbers by donating your Zakat Al Fitr to alleviate the suffering to help bring joy to the children in Palestine.
An Eid Gift of only £20 will make a whole family in Palestine smile this Eid.
Use the remaining days of Ramadan to donate your Zakat and make a difference to the less fortunate in Palestine – they are awaiting your help. Donate now!