Ramadan Donations 2020 – Even with Coronavirus, our charity work continues

Live Ramadan with EAP 2020

Ramadan Donations 2020 with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ramadan Donations 2020 Ramadan is a month Muslims eagerly anticipate every year; and rightfully so, as it is a month of blessings, and an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with our Lord through continuous prayer and charity.

Even with Coronavirus, our charity work continues, and on an even greater scale. Alas, the pandemic has brought forth a host of struggles impacting our work here in the UK, such as our communication with the local Muslim community. Amongst those are the mosques, which are currently closed, and with fewer fundraisers, our people in Palestine will be struggling the most this Ramadan.

During these unprecedented times, we kindly remind you to consider the needy and less fortunate around the world. Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters in Palestine this Ramadan. Mainly those in Gaza whom are facing the worst humanitarian crises because of the blockage since 14 years, and as a recently the detrimental threat of COVID-19.

Save Palestine. Donate Now. Make a difference this Ramadan 2020.

Ramadan Donations 2020

Why Palestine still needs you?

Today in Gaza Strip and the West Bank, millions of Palestinians no longer have access to medical care, food or clean drinking water. The siege on Gaza for the last 14 excruciating years has meant that daily food and supply truck deliveries have decreased severely.

Other than that, Gaza is also suffering because of:

  • A lack of essentials like food, due to the increased closure of the Gaza Stip because of Coronavirus. Also, impeding all other aspects of the Gazan’s lives.
  • Homes, schools, hospitals and businesses daily only have 3 hours of electricity.
  • 97% of the water is contaminated by sewage, with only 3% of the water in Gaza fit for human consumption.


Ramadan 2020
Ramadan 2020

Every day, the situation in Palestine becomes more desperate after decades of oppression, violence and blockades from Palestinian families as they continue to struggle to survive.

Your Sadaqah and Zakat will give our Palestinians some hope this Ramadan and a chance to have the Ramadan they deserve.

Our Ramadan Projects (have the image with the small amount of text underneath and a donate button. The heading of the project should go above the image. There should be three images in a line next to each other with a small amount of space between)

Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP) knows that thousands of Palestinian families are relying on your generosity this Ramadan. And this Ramadan, more than any other, is an extremely special month for EAP. Our target is to reach 10,000 families in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem; that’s the equivalent of 60,000 individuals within the whole month of Ramadan.

Help us save lives and make this Ramadan the best one yet for our Palestinians.