Live Ramadan with EAP 2019

Ramadan 2019

Ramadan is a month which Muslims eagerly anticipate every year. It is a month filled with blessings and the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with our Lord through fasting, prayer and charity.

For most Muslims it is a month of celebration and Iftars (meals breaking a day of fasting) are large, nourishing meals for family and friends. However, for families across Palestine the fasting of Ramadan is no change from their daily struggle for food and clean water. Instead of lavish Iftars many families barely have enough food to break their fast.

Why Palestine still needs you?

Today in Gaza and The West Bank millions of Palestinians no longer have access to medical care, food and clean, safe drinking water. The siege on Gaza for the last 12 has meant that daily food and supply truck deliveries have decreased from 1,000 to just 275 per day, which have to serve over two million people.

Now in Gaza and The West Bank:

• Homes, schools, hospitals and businesses daily only have 3 hours of electricity.

• 97% of the water is contaminated by sewage so only 3% of the water in Gaza is fit for human consumption.

• Over $65 million of United Nations Relief of food, water and medical supplies is now frozen leaving a shortage of aid that millions of Palestinians relied on.

• Infant mortality in Gaza is approximately 32.7 per 1,000 (compared to 3.6 in the UK)

Every day the situation in Palestine becomes more desperate and after decades of oppression, violence and blockades Palestinian families are struggling to survive.

Your Sadaqah and Zakat will give them some hope this Ramadan and give Palestinians a chance to have the Ramadan they deserve.


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Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP) knows that thousands of Palestinian families are relying on your generosity this Ramadan. Ramadan 2019 is an extremely special month for EAP and our target to reach 10,000 families in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem which consists of more than 60,000 individuals within the whole of Ramadan.