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2018 Eid Party by EAP for Orphans and Special Needs!

2018 Eid Party by EAP for Orphans and Special Needs! 


On the third day of Eid Al-Fitr this year, Education Aid for Palestinians organised a special day for Orphans and those with Special Needs.


Approximately 300 Orphans and their families and 170 children with Special needs attended this event. The event EAP held was an Eid Party for those less fortunate Palestinians to celebrate Eid just like we do.

EAP also distributed a £20 worth of a gift, which consisted of cash and toys for each child. At the Eid Party, food and drinks were distributed, songs were performed and the day was fun bringing joy and happiness into the lives of these Palestinian children. 


Eid is the time to celebrate after an entire month of fasting. It is the time to help and remember others, especially in the unfortunate countries like Palestine. As we learn from our prophet Muhammad (Pbuh): whoever brings happiness to anyone, he will be rewarded Jannah. And when is it a better time to bring happiness to someone other than Eid?


EAP’s Eid Party which they held was only possible through your generous donations. Thank you for allowing EAP to fulfil our long-term strategy to empower communities, Orphans and children with Special Needs to overcome the hard circumstances they face.

Help EAP make the Eid Party bigger and better next year bringing more happiness to many other Orphans and children with Special Needs. 

Let’s increase the numbers together next Eid and make a difference. 

Donate now.