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Quality Education for Palestinians for Over Two Decades

EAP has built its own character and special identity. It has also specified its own way of how to serve our donors and beneficiaries. This is very clear in our vision, mission, values, strategies and objectives: education is the key tool to annihilate illiteracy and provide quality education for Palestinians everywhere.



EAP aims at empowering and enabling Palestinians through education to help them overcome hard circumstances, suffering and obstacles, and to build a basis for a better life and a better future for current and future generations.


Our mission is to enable Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza strip and refugee camps through providing support in education and training. Our ultimate purpose is to empower the generations of Palestine, so they will be better-placed to earn a living to support their families and escape the poverty trap.


Our core values that shape the work are:

Empowerment: it is a key concept in education to empower the children in schools; orphans, special needs students, and in higher education; the vocational education and the university education.

Sustainability: this is the continuous development in the field and for the projects that we have. The financial sustainability we achieve can help our beneficiaries to plan and develop their education sustainability.

Innovation: this is the value within EAP to continue in development and success in all aspects of Education in Palestine. Big movements to take place vertically and horizontally of all projects and programmes of quality education for Palestinians we are executing.

Professionalism: the competence is expected from EAP Team including the employees and the volunteers. This will be clear in all activities within the organisation and outside, such as in fundraising project management and in public relations.

Transparency and accountability: they are at the core of everything we do. We value transparency with our donors, our beneficiaries and we are always clear and open with all EAP Stakeholders.

Excellence and quality: our aim is to reach the highest level of excellence and quality in our work through our staff and the services we provide.


At EAP we adopt a comprehensive strategy which takes full care of our donors, employees, volunteers, the community and the needy we work with. We are committed to maintaining transparent, reliable and effective policies as well as practices that govern our approaches and relationship with all our stakeholders.


  • Provide higher education and scholarships to needy students in Palestine.
  • Offer financial sponsorship to needy school students at all levels.
  • Support and help develop educational institutions in Palestine (schools and universities).
  • Help develop different segments of the Palestinian society through training and educational initiatives.
  • Collaborate with educational institutions in the UK to obtain all kinds of aid and support.


Bring the happiness into

the eyes of the children

by supporting their education.

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