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Palestinians want to quench their thirst this Ramadan

Palestinians want to quench their thirst this Ramadan

Our fellow Palestinians are struggling in dire conditions as the impact of the war has resulted in contaminated and undrinkable water. In fact, 95% of water in Gaza is undrinkable, meaning if it was to be drunk any healthy person will be suffering from diseases like Guinea worm disease, typhoid and dysentery. Moreover, inaccessibility of water is a social, mental, psychological predicament for settlers in war inflicted countries. The blackouts in Gaza means fuels and electricity supplies impede water supply and sewage treatment. The breakdown in water and sewage infrastructure is causing contamination of water supply. 

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In these past few days EAP team have been busy preparing and distributing Ramadan food parcels to over 300 families (with an average of 8 members in each family) in the North of the Gaza Strip. In the first day of Ramadan, we distributed clean water in the beach refugee camp in the Gaza Strip and bought countless smiles to Palestinians. As this blessed month commences, Palestinians continue to be in dire need for water. A basic supply which we take for granted, but considered a luxury for others. 

Please open your hearts and donate generously and help Palestinians quench their thirst this Ramadan. 

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