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Jerusalem education programme is the beating heart of Education Aid for Palestinians’ (EAP) projects since the majority of projects are taking place in Jerusalem.

Palestinian suffering is synonymous with Jerusalem. In fact, currently there is a lack of educational opportunities and funds to cater for the sky-high tuition fees at Universities. Thus, Palestinian youth are being discouraged of even thinking about pursuing a higher education. To make matters worse, there is a struggle in being granted permission to carry out projects in the city.

Still, we endeavor to persist with our work, and ensure you are provided with the opportunity to contribute towards our educational projects within the area.

Jerusalem Education Programme covers projects related to university scholarships, orphan and special needs students, back to school projects, water and Waqf as well as the social programme of Ramadan.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to support and help the needy in Jerusalem. After all, Jerusalem is the heart of Palestine.


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