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Gaza is burning down- Relieve Gaza from suffering – Donate to Gaza Now!

Gaza is home to 2.00 million people, and it is one of the world’s most densely populated province, also referred to ‘the world’s largest open-air-prison.’ “Even more shocking is the reality that most of Gaza’s 2.00 million residents are confined to an area of 360sq km and are not able to travel beyond this area without permits,” Steen Lau Jorgensen, World Bank country director for West Bank and Gaza, said in a 2016 report. Gaza needs your help now. Donate to Gaza Now

The siege in Gaza has been intensifying by the day, and with every passing day it becomes a massive burden on us if we are not doing everything we can to alleviate the suffering and facilitate a platform for Palestinians to lead better lives. Gaza needs you; help Gaza now Donate to Gaza today.

In such dire times, we continue to reach out to our donors and request a helping hand for those whom are less fortunate than us. While UNRWA runs around 250 schools in the territory, which has pushed the literacy rate up to 97%, non UN schools have suffered. The conflict in 2014 ruined 547 schools, kindergartens and colleges and many of which are yet to be even repaired. So Gaza right now are living in a demolished city and certainly need your help.

Education aside, a million people in Gaza needs your help as they are considered ‘moderately to severely food insecure’, according to the UN, despite many receiving some form of food aid. Hence, the situation is without a doubt very dire. To make matters worse, Israel have restricted access to agricultural land and fishing thus resulting in a loss of production.

Gaza has little to no fresh water source to replenish its underground water supplies which are not large enough to keep up with demand. While most Gaza households struggling, the piping water network is a problem and the World Bank says supply is inconsistent and often poor quality. Sewage is another problem, and 95% of groundwater in the Strip is polluted. There is also a risk that this sewage can flow into the streets which can engender in health complications in the territory. Help Gaza now, they need your support.

With all that said, EAP considers Gaza an important place to focus on and has therefore dedicated many emergency appeals and projects focused on education to help ensure Palestinians are offered a semblance of a normal life. With your support and donations, Gaza will be no longer stuck in a rut. We dream of a Gaza that is a safe haven for every Palestinian, rather an open-air prison. Donate today and help Gaza.

Donate to Gaza  

The term vocational actually means ‘work related’. So if someone is doing a vocational qualification, they are learning skills to get, and do the job properly. It is not an alternative or easier route to going to college. It is a fast track program to get training in a specialised area and gain expertise. It is designed to enhance particular skillsets, provide practical and transferable experience in a chosen field. The learner develops a craft, a new skill and by the end of it comes to either love it enough to choose it as their career, or decide on an alternative route.

Moreover, vocational work focuses on handy work rather than the finer theoretical refining’s found within a college or university. A vocational trained person may not earn as much as the college-educated counterpart, however, they can still secure stability and security in their future.

At EAP, the best route we can offer the youth in Palestine is an opportunity to understand the market and attain the skills that are required so they are best equipped for jobs and opportunities. 


At EAP, we completed our seasonal Back to school project for the Palestinian community in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. We started to prepare and implement this project in August and September of every year. However, this year was very difficult for the Palestinians, in the Gaza Strip, especially.

This project acts as a relief project to support and bring a quick response to the urgent need of the Palestinian families in the besieged Gaza Strip. They have been suffering from poverty and destitution for more than 10 continuous years. Donate now, Gaza needs your help.

Unfortunately, the cities and villages of the West Bank have not been spared from the suffering. The vast Palestinian camps from the northern West Bank to the south still endure poverty. The circumstances worsened when the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) experienced an important financial crisis. People’s lives have been deeply affected since, and the needs are urgent in several important sectors, including health and education.

It is worth mentioning that there are more than half a million Palestinian refugee students most of whom are in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and a few in Jordan and Lebanon. The UN crisis immediately impacted the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, especially in the Palestinian refugee relief schools. Hence, the Back to School Project, which is considered significant has become more important and urgent in this present time.

Our school program, which includes the Back to School Project, focuses on 3 important groups of needy students and poor families:

  1. Orphaned students
  2. Special needs students
  3. The needy or poor child who is not considered an orphan or with special needs.


This project is simple yet significant for the needy families. We prepare students with school bags, stationary as well as school uniform and shoes. Some of our significant achievements this year include:

  1. This year, we have increased the support of poor families by helping two children instead of one child in the same family. We seek to alleviate the suffering that has escalated.
  2. This year was a year of great suffering and pressure on the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip. This has made the task of poverty in Palestine more difficult to address.
  3. We have expanded the geographical area of distribution (horizontal growth), and we have reached the largest geographical area and schools in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
  4. We have carried the project despite the problem of UNRWA (Relief of Palestine refugees) which escalated this year and had a major impact on the Palestinian people inside and outside Palestine.

It is worth mentioning that the number of Palestinian students supported by UNRWA inside and outside Palestine exceeds 500,000 students split among 700 schools. Donate now, Gaza needs your help.

The number of Palestinian refugees registered with the United Nations are 6 million, most of whom are in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In this academic year, we have already reached approximately 4,000 needy Palestinian families, 1,000 of whom are in the West Bank and 3,000 in the Gaza Strip. In the Gaza Strip for instance, we have helped 31 Schools spread from the north to the south of the territory. The schools include: Hafsa School in Beit Lahia, North of Gaza Strip, Asmaa bint Abi Bakr School, Gaza City, Bin Khaldoun School to name only a few.

In each school, we provided between 100-150 school bags and school supplies.

In conclusion, we have reached and contributed to relieve 4,000 needy families living in very difficult situations. We have contributed to support education and help ensure our children have a brighter future.

Bring happiness to the needy in Gaza, and may your act of kindness and generosity weight heavily in your balance.

Donate and help Gaza now!