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Clean Water Project in Schools -Khan Younis

First Big Clean Water Project in Schools -Khan Younis ‘Gaza Strip


There is a growing water crisis in Palestine that affects every aspect of people’s lives, on a daily basis. This is where EAP envisages itself making a great difference and lasting mark in Palestinian peoples lives. EAP aims to provide over 60% of the student population with clean and safe water by 2020.

In February 2016, EAP began its journey in fulfilling this dream, in Gaza and more specifically in Khan Younis. In collaboration with Emaar For Development & Rehabilitation (Emaar) and funding from Heraa Establishment in Britain, EAP inaugurated three desalination plants and drilled a well that would provide clean and safe water for a school in Khan Younis. The inauguration took place in West Gaza earlier this month and was attended by the director of education Dr Abdulqadr Abu Ali, the general manager of Emaar, Anwar Abu Musa (Abu Musa ) and our CEO Dr Moin Shubib’s, representative Nawal Salah.

According to Abu Musa this particular project will provide water for around 7484 school children directly and many more neighbourhoods nearby the school will benefit considerably from the water wells. Abu Musa explained that the idea of this project came after understanding the sheer scale of the problem with dirty water faced by Palestinians. As stated, polluted water in Gaza is one, if not the biggest cause of diseases in young children. According to research 95% of the water in Gaza is polluted and 26% of diseases in children is because of it.

In commenting about the project, Dr Moin Shubib stressed that it reflected the important role civil society plays in providing clean water and reigniting hope for the community. Providing clean and safe water in schools will help decrease diseases in young vulnerable children and will allow them to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

With the moral and financial support from donations, EAP, Heraa and Emaar successfully completed one of many projects that will be of great benefit to not only school children, but also the whole community.

One day at a time, polluted water in Palestine will become a thing of the past.