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Investing in the future of Palestinians through Educational Aid For Palestinians (EAP)

Educational Aid For Palestinians (EAP) is working to reach this sunny future for the people through its systematic projects and programmes to help the Palestinians.

There are no better investments than those that change people lives through positive ventures, which you can see blossoming in the future. We know this is something everyone says, so we’ll let our sustainable investment opportunities speak for themselves.

Educational Aid For Palestinians

Can Education change societies?

If you look in the Quran, the first Aya is about education: “Iqra”

We found that real change is founded upon education and youth. This includes targeting youth at an early stage of kindergarten, right cross to higher education at universities. This is the main weapon to change in communities where the younger generation can build a brighter future, as Nelson Mandela would say.

Donate for Palestinians to create the change in the Palestinian community.

Educational Aid For Palestinians Long Term Strategy

Our long-term strategy is to empower communities and people to overcome hard circumstances as the reality of Palestinians are under siege.

Statistics show that 50% of the population in the Occupied Territories are under 18 (approx. 2.5 million /UN). Education is highly valued by most of families, still, many children and young adults have no access to it. 23 % are unemployed while 26% are in vulnerable employment according to the World Bank, with a stagnant economic growth in the West Bank and Gaza. For that, many families can’t afford tuition fees and cover the costs of basic equipment. Persons with disabilities have rare opportunities if anything is found. Children and young adults, including orphans, find themselves under the pressure of finding jobs, though vulnerable, to support their families. Unfortunately, they are exploited, underpaid and overworked. Therefore, we in EAP believe that teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, rather than give him a fish and you feed him for a day.

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In conclusion

We are implementing the circle of education that we focus on the child in school education, Higher Education and on Continuous Professional Skills. We follow this student from early age until he or she reaches the level of employment.

We hold his hand until he is independent.

So please, do not hesitate to donate for Palestinians, for them to make their dream come true.

Education is the true investment.

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the future of Palestinians.

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