EAP Projects – Waqf Education Needy Student Fund (nsf)

Waqf Education (NSF)

Waqf Education (endowment)

EAP believes that by securing a better education and training program for the youth in Palestine, they will blossom on an individual, and a mass scale. With education, the ripple effect of power, individuality, creativity and change will take place, and this is imperative for the Palestinian community.

EAP aims to transform people’s lives. By focusing on the grass roots and funding university scholarships and postgraduate programs, Palestinian society can flourish socially and economically. Besides developing and building the educational curricula for the Palestinian students, we have numerous projects, including: supporting student orphans, special needs children and clean water for students at schools.

Project Summary

Education is the recipe for progress in any given society, and therefore a true investment. Yet the Palestinian educational system has extremely alarming limitations. About a third of the Palestinian population today are in education and the illiteracy rate for Palestinians aged 15 and over hasn’t exceeded 3.7 % since 2013. However, the poverty rate in the Gaza Strip, according to figures from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics in 2011, has reached 38.8% and the rate of poverty reaching 21.1% in Gaza & the West Bank.

EAP believes that education is a solution to poverty, and therefore aims to develop needy communities. One of these ways include the ‘Needy Student Fund’ project which helps needy and/or poor students from all ages and backgrounds in completing their academic or vocational learning.

The Needy Student Fund is a new initiative in which EAP aims to invest in six important programmes:

  • Orphan Students

Orphan sponsorship is the largest project run by EAP, sponsoring more than 2,269 orphans in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Most orphans aged from 6 to 12 years have either lost their parents during the conflict, accidental procedures and/or natural death. Not to mention, most of these orphans belong to marginalized and destitute families.

By providing children with the highest quality education and security, we aim to tackle the root cause of poverty, reduce crime and child labour, and further empower the upcoming generation.

  • Special Needs Students

This is a unique project offering an enhanced education for students with disabilities and support in their right to education and normality.

At least 20,000 student children are suffering from one or more kinds of disabilities. Some of these are natural, whilst the others are because of persistent conflict in Palestine.

Special needs students with either a physical or learning disability, are facing many obstacles which prevent them attending school;

At EAP we believe that everyone should have equal access to education, not to mention that it is a basic right. This programme has been designed to support special needs schools by funding salaries for special educational teacher as well as provide any educational aid that supports the cause.

  • Children in Need Students

This project is considered one of the most important as it involves the orphans and special needs students whom are facing the direst of conditions.

At EAP, we decided to sponsor and help 1,000 needy students and families in Palestine with the aim to help the child starting his academic life to flourish in his academic ventures. 

  • Higher Education Scholarship (University Education)

Many of the Palestinian students in the West Bank, Gaza and Refugee areas (Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey) are facing significant problems when enrolling in higher education after completing high school. Hence, paying the tuition cost is

EAP designs its programmes with the objective to equip Palestinian youth with the required skills and education to combat poverty and guarantee a brighter future for themselves and their families.


Vocational Students (Vocational Education)

This project aims to provide Vocational training courses for Palestinian youth who didn’t get the chance to continue their education, therefore offering them the skills and knowledge to find their place in the local market.

Next year we will celebrate the first batch of students who graduated from the vocational learning course supported by EAP.

In this project we provide financial assistance and work with accredited educational institutions to promote student’s vocational training. By providing a one-year training course, youth – especially those who didn’t get the chance to pass secondary school, are offered the required skills and expertise to enter the local job market.

The program includes: Media Training, Electrician, Computer Networking, Office administration, Hair dressing, Sewing, Plumping, Smartphone repairing, English language and Animation.

  • Hardship Fund (Partial Grant)

The Foundation offers £200 per student, per year, and this covers transportation and some basic student needs such as books and other daily university essentials that a poor family can’t otherwise afford. The grant also helps to solve a major problem in the Gaza Strip for students whom are unable to complete their tuition fees due to their limited financial capacity.

Our target in 2018 is to reach another:

500 Orphan Students at a cost of £300 a year per Orphan

500 Special Needs at a cost of £360 a year per child

500 Children in Need at as cost of £300 a year per child

250 Higher Education Scholarships at a cost of £1,200 a year per scholarship

250 Vocational Students at a cost of £600 a year per Student

500 Hardship Fund at a cost of £200 a year, each.

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The best charity is to provide water (hadith).

£50 a month as a waqf

will help thousands of students

have access to water.