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Universities Support Fund

Universities Support Fund – Educational Aid For Palestinians (EAP)

Universities Support Fund – In Palestine, the West Bank and Gaza Strip specifically, we have more than 30 universities providing excellent education across undergraduate level, to postgraduate taught (MA) and postgraduate research (PhD).

With the conflict, Palestinian universities are constantly struggling to perform academically, especially in Gaza and the West Bank. But the severe funding shortage for Universities is the most obvious struggle for Palestinians. 

The project targets Universities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; by facilitating an excellent learning environment with equipment, resources and devices for students to excel in, regardless of the political and social struggles they deal with on a day to day basis, students are capable of achieving academic excellence.


Universities Support Fund
Universities Support Fund
Universities Support Fund

A high-quality education is incumbent for every student and for this reason, EAP has helped in offering the following:

  • Laboratories, projectors and medical equipment.
  • Biotechnology laps
  • Libraries (books)
  • Other resources as per request of the University

Because of the continuous siege in Gaza, universities are looking for help at various levels across all departments, and are requiring basic technological appliances and devices on campus.

How can you help?

For just £50 per month, or £100 as a one off payment, you can help students have a better educational environment at University.

Donate £20 a month

to help students be most up

to date with equipment and facilities

in universities.