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Special Needs Students

Special Needs Students – Education Aid For Palestinians (EAP)

We believe that everyone has the right to equal access of education and for this reason we focus on providing sponsorships designed to ease the educational path for those with disabilities. In the Gaza Strip, approximately 35% of disabled people are students, equating to 15,400 students. In the West Bank, there are approximately 24,150 students who are disabled. EAP aims to restore confidence and give hope to our Special Needs Students.

EAP aims to give a voice to the voiceless

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have life altering disabilities, including physical and mental frailties. With the lack of education, low social status and scarce support, they often find it difficult, if not impossible, to attend school. But when you support one disabled person, you are not only supporting them, but also their family and the community.


Special Needs Students
Special Needs Students
Special Needs Students

Special Needs Students

This project aims to provide an education for students with Special Needs by funding salaries for teachers and providing educational aid for the overall project. Here at EAP we understand that every person, such as teachers, doctors and instructors are unique and require support. Donations go directly to these instructors that can offer families, not only long-term solutions but also hope in regaining some sense of normalcy in their lives.

How you can help?

For just £360 a year or £30 a month, you can help cover the costs of providing bespoke educational programs in community training and education centers for special needs students.

You can also help by offering one salary for a teacher, including other basic teaching necessities.

£30 will help

the special needs children

and their teacher to have

a fulfilling and enriching life.