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School Winter – Education Aid For Palestinians (EAP)

School Winter – As the winter is becoming a harsher season by the year, our Palestinians are only rendered entirely besieged by the unforgiving cold. EAP is working alongside the local communities in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and Jerusalem to help the needy students and their families face the harsh winter each year.

11 years on, and Gaza has still been under a severe blockade and lacking in basic resources. Not to mention, with the harsh and unforgiving winter this year-round, families have been facing a severe storm of heavy snow and freezing temperatures that swept across the Holy Land. We are keen to provide some warmth for the families of the orphans, the needy and special needs children.

Since early December 2015, the amount of gas entering Palestine has decreased by at least 50%

Struggling to pay fuels and basic living costs meant thousands of families, orphans and children were made homeless. They were left either living in temporary shelters, makeshift tents or camps. Moreover, in 2019, electricity became a nightmare for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since Israel began reducing its electricity to 4 hours per day for over 2 million Gazans and this meant that Palestinians were no longer able to continue with their daily, mundane and substantial endeavours.

Hence, when winter begins, EAP begins with huge winter campaigns to help the Palestinians prepare for the harsh cold.

As the expression goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Likewise, Palestinians’ conditions are beyond words by now. Therefore, with little talk, and more action, we want to tell you about what we have been doing.

During this winter campaign, EAP has been busy distributing the following:

1)     A complete winter kit including jackets, jumpers, scarfs, hats gloves and shoes

2)     Blankets

3)     Chicken meat

Moreover, we have decided to include food in our distribution this year so that the support is as holistic as possible for the families of the children in need. One of the areas we focused on is Nahr Albarid – a refugee camp in the Gaza strip.

The suffering of these families is beyond our imagination and we therefore need to do everything we can to support them this winter. 

 How can you help?

To help the needy families this winter, you just need to donate £35, and this will provide for one child with an essential winter survival kit. Alternatively, £25 will provide one set of two blankets for a child.

Each kit would include:

  • A jacket
  • A jumper
  • A pair of Boots
  • A pair of Socks
  • A scarf, hat and gloves
  • A blouse

Donate £60, and make a family warm in the harsh winter.

The school winter campaign in Gaza Strip 2018/2019

£60 per year

will help a child endure

the harsh winter month

with extra warmth.