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School Winter

School Winter – Education Aid For Palestinians (EAP)

School Winter – Every year, our team in the Holy Land get busy preparing for the harsh winter. For the next two months, we will be working alongside the local communities in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and Jerusalem. 

Last winter, Palestinian families faced a severe storm of heavy snow and freezing temperatures that swept across the Holy Land. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and thousands of children and their families were made homeless and desolate. But the struggles don’t end here; the unending blockades on Gaza and the lack of basic resources means thousands of families will be facing even more severe conditions this year.


school winter
school winter
school winter

Since early December 2015 the amount of gas entering Palestine has decreased by at least 50%

Struggling to pay fuels and basic living costs meant thousands of families, orphans and children were made homeless; either living in temporary shelters, makeshift tents or camps. In 2017, electricity became a nightmare for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since Israel began reducing its electricity to 4 hours per day for over 2 million Gazans

How can you help?

Your donation of just £30 will provide one child with an essential winter survival kit.

Each kit includes:

  • A pair of Boots
  • A pair of Socks
  • A jacket
  • A scarf and hat
  • A blouse

Alternatively, £20 will provide one set of two blankets for a child.   


school winter
school winter

£30 per year

will help a child endure

the harsh winter month

with extra warmth.