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School Meal

School Meal – Education Aid For Palestinians (EAP)

School Meal – Do not miss out, for only 50p a day, you can bring a smile to a Palestinian child. This project aims to provide school meals for students in Palestine because health is paramount in academic performance.

 A school meal ensures students reach their full potential, and a key part of reaching this goal is ensuring that students have adequate nutrition. 

The school meal project provides students with meals not only during term, but also throughout the holidays. This is incumbent as it strengthens the local economy by providing longer lasting stability for the families.


School Meal
School Meal
School Meal

How you can help?

You can sponsor a child by giving £15 per month in order to provide a healthy, standard meal for the child for the entire month.

Thousands of our children in the Gaza strip, West Bank and Jerusalem are waiting for your help.

Do not miss this opportunity to bring a smile to the face of Palestinian children in the holy land.


£15 a month

will help to provide

school meals for

a needy child.