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Ramadan special needs Gift

Ramadan special needs Gift – Education Aid For Palestinians

Ramadan special needs Gift – This project is to provide enhanced education for students with special needs. By providing special education and concern for the disabled students and funding teacher’s salaries, EAP aims to support a special needs student in their educational endeavor.

EAP project description

This project is unique for EAP, operating in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. Some of the disabilities these students have are natural ones, while the other thousand or so had them in war conditions. At least 10, 000 are students who seek help. Many cases are not even registered or declared by the families. Many students have either physical or learning disabilities. It is difficult for them to attend school due to different reasons: complexities of their situations, lack of educational support and their cultural status.

At EAP we believe that everyone should have equal access to education – it is a basic right for every human being. We use our funds to sponsor them on their educational paths.

In Ramadan 2018, we decided to add this project exclusively as part of our main campaign this year. These people, especially the children, are ignored and neglected.


Ramadan special needs Gift
Ramadan special needs Gift
Ramadan special needs Gift
Ramadan special needs Gift

Ramadan and the special needs

We decided to give the family who has one special needs person or more, our special attention. This family will be provided with all our Ramadan aid, as well as a special gift as they are facing an exceptionally difficult time.

How you can Help

You can pay your zakat or Sadaqa as a donation for this project this Ramadan. But it is recommended that you donate a continuous donation to this project through sponsoring a child or a teacher so they can offer their continuous support to the child.

Donate now, and make a difference to the life of a student and teacher in Palestine!


Donate now and bring happiness


to the needy in Palestine.

Don’t miss your chance to help!