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Food Parcel (Ramadan)

Ramadan Food Parcel – Education Aid For Palestinians (EAP)

Ramadan Food Parcel – EAP’s donation scheme is tailored to the annual life cycle in Palestine so seasonal projects targeting orphans, special children, as well as higher education students and social projects in Ramadan.

Background of the project

Be like our prophet (pbuh) who is the most generous of people, and he is even more generous in the holy month of Ramadan. This is an opportunity EAP provides for everyone who wants to donate for the Palestinians by selecting one of the projects we are providing during this precious time. Our Social programme in Ramadan covers the followingproviding a Food Parcel, Hot Meal, Ramadan Bread, Clean Water of Ramadan, Eid Gift and Zakat Fitr (fitrana) and Ramadan Special Gift for the families of Orphans and Special Needs students as well as children in needs.

 Welcome the Holy Month of Ramadan

Every Ramadan, Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP) distributes food parcels to the needy families in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Our annual social programme in Ramadan aims to bring the joys and blessings for the needy Palestinian families in the holy month. The donations received last year for Palestinians alone allowed us to reach 6,000 families with 5,000 food parcels which covered 40,000 beneficiaries in Palestine.

Ramadan 2020 is an extremely special month for EAP and our target to reach 10,000 families in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem which consists of more than 60,000 individuals within the whole of Ramadan.

Do not miss this opportunity. With your donation, you will help alleviate the suffering in Palestine and help bring a smile to the children in Palestine.

What the Ramadan food parcel includes?

Ramadan Food parcels include a variety of essential food items for the Palestinians and needy in the holy month of Ramadan. Essentials include: flour, sugar, rice, tea, lentils, chickpeas, pasta, beans, tinned fruits and vegetables, vegetable oil, dates, concentrated juices, milk powder and other different items. The Ramadan food parcel will be sufficient to feed a family of 6-8 people for the whole month of Ramadan. Not to mention, it is worth mentioning that this donation is also helping families receive wholesome healthy suhoor (pre-dawn meal) which is the most integral meal in Ramadan after iftar.

 What is the wisdom behind the distribution of the food Parcel?

The Prophet (pbuh), said, “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.” Palestinians will be fasting during the month of Ramadan, together with all of the Muslims around the world. So if Palestinians are fasting all day abstaining from food and drinks, the logic is to provide them with a meal to break their fast. As the prophet (pbuh) teaches us that whoever provides happiness for the needy will not be rewarded except Jannah. We seek to help the needy people who are unable to get the essentials during the holy month of Ramadan.

Food Parcel

How do we distribute the food parcel?

The suffering and the tragedy in Palestine is huge, and donations for Palestinians has lessened since the Muslim Ummah has been struggling. The demand for help is bigger that the resources available. Therefore, we at EAP have our own team and local partner charities on the ground whom have prepared the lists of the needy beneficiaries, and which have been classified into different categories, in order to reach the most in need.

So, your donations will be well targeted and distributed to the Palestinians with our thorough surveys and investigations. We’ve also kept a record of the needy orphan students, special needs and university students whom we’ve known from the educational scheme.

Your Zakat is applicable for this project

You can give Sadqa or Lillah for this project. It is worth to mention that your Zakat donation for the Palestinians in this project is accepting Zakat and this is because the zakat will go directly to the needy families in Palestine.

Please do not hesitate to donate your zakat for the needy whom are waiting for your support in Jerusalem and Gaza.

By donating £60 for the families this Ramadan you will achieve the blessing of Allah and the happiness of the needy families in Palestine.


By donating £60

to the families this Ramadan

you will achieve the blessing of Allah

and the happiness of the needy in Palestine.