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Ramadan Eid Gift

Ramadan Eid Gift – Education Aid For Palestinians (EAP)

Ramadan Eid Gift – When Ramadan comes to an end all Fasting people are planning to celebrate the event of Eid, especially families.

The Philosophy of the project

EAP’s donation scheme is tailored to the annual calendar in Palestine, so seasonal projects targeting orphans, special needs students, higher education students and social projects in Ramadan. Every year we do our best to provide this gift twice a year. The first during the holy month of Ramadan and the second, in Eid Aladha or the Eid of Hajj (pilgrimage), this is just to wish the needy, a Eid Mubarak.

This is related to Eid

At Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP), we are very keen to celebrate this Eid with them by providing the Eid gift for the children and their families in Palestine. We provide enough money so they decide on how to spend the money, whether that is on clothes, toys or sweets. We provide coupons to these families, so they can use it as they wish. Alongside that, we organise celebratory events on Eid day where Eid gifts are distributed and the kids can have fun.

What did we do Last Eid?

In 2017, we managed to reach more than 3000 families and offer them a Eid Gift. We need our children to live life like others, and with the bare minimum. It is worth mentioning that more that 1000 of them are from the orphans and special needs students.

Donate this year again and pay part of your zakat and sadaqa to help the needy who are waiting for your help.


Ramadan Eid Gift
Ramadan Eid Gift
Ramadan Eid Gift
Ramadan Eid Gift

Bring Happiness for people in Eid

Eid is the time to celebrate after an entire month of fasting. It is the time to help and remember others, especially the unfortunate countries like Palestine. Donate now to bring joy and happiness in Palestine. As we learn from our prophet Muhammad (Pbuh): whoever brings happiness to anyone, he will be rewarded Jannah. And when is it a better time to bring happiness to someone?

How you can Help?

An Eid Gift is only £20 for the whole Family in Palestine.  This donation for Palestinians can make some changes in their life.

Donate now and bring happiness for the needy in Palestine. Don’t miss your chance to help!

Donate now and bring happiness


to the needy in Palestine.

Don’t miss your chance to help!