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Eid Al adha gift

Bring a smile to the needy children this Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha Gift Campaign for the Needy Families in Palestine.

Our Prophet peace be upon him said: “There are no days in this world during which worship is more beloved to Allah, than the (first) ten days (of Dhul- Hijjah). Fasting one of these days is equivalent to fasting for one year, and one night of them is equal to Lailatul-Qadr.”

The days of Dhul-Hijjah, which end with Eid day, are amongst the most blessed days for Muslims. This is the time to help and bring happiness to the countless children in the holy land. It is for this reason Eid day is made a part of EAP’s social programmes, whereby the focus is on the orphans, special needs and needy children. Our Eid al-Adha campaign involves providing 5,000 Eid gifts to the most deprived children in Palestine.

By donating ONLY £20 you can bring happiness to the face of a Palestinian child whilst also supporting a Palestinian family. Don’t underestimate your donation. Whatever is insignificant to you is of great value to a Palestinian child. Thousands of orphans, including special needs and needy children are waiting for your support in these blessed days.

Donate now, however little.


Eid Al adha Gift  


Donate now and bring happiness


to the needy in Palestine.

Don’t miss your chance to help!