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Clean Water for Schools

Clean Water for Schools – Educational Aid For Palestinians (EAP)

Clean Water for Schools – By 2019, EAP aims to reach more than 300 schools in Gaza Strip and provide more than 300,000 students with clean water.

EAP team in Gaza have visited 100 schools and conducted research to identify the needs of the community. The team met with students, teachers and people from the general public. The project will undergo 3 important stages:

  1. Digging the wells and installing pumps to extract water from the ground.
  2. Filtering and processing the water to ensure it is clean, drinkable and safe.
  3. Building the entire piping and networking system including the installation of tanks and taps to make the water accessible for the people.

According to a UN report published in 2012, life in Gaza will be impossible to survive in the next seven years due to the decreasing amount of clean drinking water.

The ‘Water is Life’ campaign focuses primarily on the Gaza Strip to improve the health and educational environment for students in schools. By building wells inside schools we can ensure clean, safe and hygienic water is provided for students and their neighboring families. With your help, we can reach 300,000 students across the Gaza Strip.


Clean Water for Schools
Clean Water for Schools
Clean Water for Schools
Clean Water for Schools

International and local reports show that there are various problems with water hygiene in the Gaza Strip.

Approximately 95% of the drinking water in the Gaza Strip fails to meet the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). The individual share of water in Gaza is only 80 liters per capita, which is significantly lower than recommended by WHO (50 liters per capita).

UNICEF Reports reveal that more than 26% of diseases in Gaza are caused by polluted water, resulting in the spread of diarrhea and Blue Child Syndrome among children. According to a German study, higher nitrates in the water resulting in many diseases and health complications such as Cancer and bone fragility.

With your donation, we can provide safe water to more students and their families. Every Palestinian has the right to have access to clean drinking water and we need your help to make this dream a reality.

  • £10 provides clean water for 1 student for an unlimited time
  • £20 provides clean water for 2 students for an unlimited time
  • £30 provides clean water for 3 students for an unlimited time
  • £50 will provide waqf share of digging a water well
  • £100 provides clean water for 10 students for unlimited time
  • £200 will provide 4 waqf shares of digging a water well.


Clean Water for Schools

The best charity is to provide water (hadith).

£50 a month as a waqf

will help thousands of students

have access to water.