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Investing in the future of Palestinians through education

Educational Aid for Palestinians (EAP) is working to provide Palestinians a better future through a plethora of targeted projects and programs.

Although the word investment has become time-worn, we are actually investing day in, day out in the future of Palestinians so they are citizens whom are independent and self-sustainable in their communities. Assuredly, actions speak louder than words, and it is for this reason we leave our actions to do the talking.


Educational Aid For Palestinians

Can education reform societies?

The first verse that was revealed in the Quran was: read (‘Iqra’a’). This isn’t a mere statement, but a command to acquire knowledge, and to use the mind to elevate oneself so individuality and society can truly flourish. In fact, education is the foundation of building any society; it is the weapon of resistance, power and independence. This is the first recipe for change.

The second recipe for change is investing in the youth. Research shows that youth are the most receptive to change and can transform our future. Hence, it is only wise that we select to empower them from an early stage of their lives.

We catch them as early as kindergarten and walk them through the entire way, until they are ready to either pursue a higher education or a vocational programme. Either way, when the time comes, they are ready for the real world and are more employable. As Mandela rightfully believes, our youth are our weapon for change, and education is the medium.

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EAP’s long term strategy

Our long term strategy is to empower communities and help individuals to overcome their daily reality of coping with an intensifying siege.

Statistics show that 50% of the population in the occupied territories are under 18 and although education is highly valued by most families, still, many children and young adults have no access to it. In fact, 23% of Palestinians are unemployed whilst 26% are in vulnerable employment in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Therefore, many families can’t afford tuition fees and cover the costs of basic equipment, and disabled people have even rarer opportunities. Children and young adults, including orphans, find themselves under the pressure of finding jobs and are in a vulnerable position to support their families since they are typically exploited, underpaid and overworked.

At EAP we acknowledge the deeper causes, rather than treating the symptoms. In other words, we don’t focus solely on emergency campaigns, but we mainly target the more complicated cases which involve the life and future of our youth. As the saying goes, we teach a man to fish so he can feed himself for a lifetime, rather than providing him with a fish and only satisfying his hunger for a day.

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In conclusion

We offer a complete, self-sustaining cycle of education for youth so they are invested in from the moment they begin their schooling journey up until they specialise in a particular field, and graduate from University.

Nonetheless, we continue to offer a diverse array of possibilities for our youth with the aim they become more employable and independent by the end. So for instance, we are aware that academia is not everyone’s chosen route, and we therefore offer a vocational or CPD route for those whom are considered nonacademic.

So donate today and support us in continuing to offer a holistic, and complete educational cycle for our Palestinian youth.

Other ways to Donate

There are a number of different ways you can donate to Education Aid For Palestinians.

Bank: Al Rayan Bank

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Please make cheque payable to Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP), include your name and address and send to:

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Education is the true investment.

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