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Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP) in 1993

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Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP) is a London based registered charity since 1993, focusing on investing in the future of Palestinians.

Education in Palestine was subject to many attacks with universities, educational institutions and schools being closed by force. So we decided to launch a variety of projects under the theme of education in order to alleviate their crisis.

Orphan Students

EAP Education Circle

EAP Support Circle starts with the children when they are in the kindergarten, schools (orphans, special needs), then we move to higher education in the universities, and institutions of the vocational training for those who are unable to reach the academic level in the universities. Finally, we have the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for employment of the new graduates.

Waqf Endowment

Waqf project is mainly to provide clean water for schools. By 2020, 20% of Gaza population will drink clean water through EAP clean water programme at schools. It is worth to mention that there is in Gaza Strip 500 schools (private, governmental and UN schools). These schools are serving 500,000 students. We decided at EAP to cover more than 50% of the schools by reaching 300 schools in all around Gaza Strip and provide them with clean water. These schools will serve more than 300,000 students.

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University Education

In the higher education we currently sponsor 600 university students in Palestine, and the refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey for the Palestinian refugees from Syria.

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Vocational Learning

In the vocational learning, we are serving more than 300 students in Palestine and Lebanon. This project has been forgotten by most people all around the world but EAP managed to focus on it and gave much attention to highlight this important project.

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Orphan Students

This project is very special, as you will be with our Prophet (Peace be upon him) in Paradise when you sponsor an orphan.

We sponsor in the West Bank and Gaza Strip 700 orphans through monthly sponsorship by covering their education, medication, food and clean water.

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Special Needs Students

More than 23,000 Palestinians are disabled in the West Bank and Gaza strip and in need of help.

We focus on the specialised schools of the special needs and we are serving more than 8,000 disabled, most of them in the Gaza Strip. Our programme is to support the disabled student and disabled teachers in these schools.

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EAP Social Projects

Every year in Ramadan, EAP has a social programme focusing on the needy students and their families in Ramadan. In 2017 we managed to reach 10,000 needy families who are taking care of orphans, special needs and poor children.

This project covers all of the family needs for Ramadan: we provide the family with food parcels, hot meals, bread, clean water, and Eid gifts.

Donate for Palestinians any time and it will be spent for Ramadan.

EAP and Jerusalem

We at EAP, have several projects to alleviate the suffering of Al Quds inhabitants in the holy land, by covering the essential needs for the poor families who require urgent help in Jerusalem.

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The Palestinian plight

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