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EAP Summary of Ramadan 2018

EAP Summary of Ramadan 2018


What did EAP achieve in Ramadan 2018?

The Ramadan of 2018 with EAP summed up was all about smiles, generosity and blessings…

EAP would like to put you into the picture of what programmes and projects are carried out in helping the less fortunate in Palestine during the holy month!

Last Ramadan, EAP had a target to reach 10,000 families in Palestine and we managed to successfully exceed this and reach 15,620 Families in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This covered all the Ramadan needs for the Palestinians that we reached and the total of beneficiaries in the West Bank and Gaza Strip reached an extraordinary amount of 93,720.

What’s more is that a total of 8000 families received a food parcel and bread this Ramadan in the West Bank and in all areas of the Gaza Strip. In the West Bank we reached Hebron, Jenin, Tubas and Qalqilia and other more areas. Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip we covered all the areas including Rafah, North Gaza, Gaza City, 550 families in Gaza City and North Gaza were also reached and provided with a clean supply of water this Ramadan through your donations.



We would like to thank all the generous donators who contributed to helping EAP exceed their target and made a difference to the lives of many Palestinians during the blessed month. This was only possible through your donations and support to EAP. 

As this blessed month is upon us, Palestinians continue to be in need of basic necessities as simple as clean drinking water or a hot Iftar meal. This Ramadan, it is up to you. You have the ability to open your hearts and help Palestinians quench their thirst and hunger this Ramadan.

We appreciate your help and support in helping us build a better future for Palestinians and hopefully double the successes for EAP and the needy in Palestine this Ramadan in 2019.


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