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EAP School Campaign for the needy in Palestine

EAP School Campaign for the needy in Palestine

We have been supporting the children in Palestine for more than 25 years, but the story of their suffer is continuous.

Education is the key to present and future development and progress of all societies.  Palestine is no exception and yet the Palestinian educational system has extremely alarming limitations. We believe that education in Palestine is critical if we are to give a chance to Palestinians to rebuild their life.

Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP) is taking action and provides through its school education programme, the most needy students at various levels.


We help three type of young students:

  • The orphan students
  • The special needs students.
  • The children in need students

With only £25 to £30 a month, you can help a needy child student have food, get medicine, drink clean water and get the unique chance to go to school, learn and build a future for him or herself.

Our target in 2019 is to help new children through a continuous support for them and their families.


  • Orphan Students

Thousands of Palestinian children have lost a father, and in many cases their mother as well. A household income is low and education costs lots of money.

Thousands of orphans are waiting for your sponsorship.

Click here for more information about our Orphan Students’ project

  • Special Needs Students

We believe that everyone has the right to equal access to education and for this reason we focus on providing sponsorships designed to ease the educational path for those with disabilities.

Click here for more information about our Special Needs Students’ project

  • Children in Need Students

The Special Needs children and Orphans gain most of the popularity from our donors, and this leaves the children in Need quite neglected. This prioritisation of people whom are all equally needy is problematic.

Click here for more information about our Children in Need Students’ project

Do not miss this opportunity to help the needy and be rewarded from Allah Almighty.