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EAP Preparation for Ramadan 2019

EAP Preparation for Ramadan 2019


As the blessed month of Ramadan is upon us, EAP is calling for your help to shape the lives and futures of the Palestinians living in deteriorating conditions; especially in Gaza and the West Bank. 

Today in 2019, the situation in Palestine continues to worsen day by day and we are keen to provide families with the basic necessities for completing the holy month as it is the very least we can do.

EAP is proud to announce that our target this Ramadan is to reach 15,000  families in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem and provide them with food packs, warm Iftar meals, and clean drinking water throughout the holy month.


This year, we have decided to aim higher, reach more families and help more of our suffering brothers and sisters in Palestine and we believe that together we can achieve this.

It is through your contributions that EAP managed to successfully managed to reach 15,6200 families with 8,000 food parcels during Ramadan in 2018 and it is in your hands to maximise the amount this year in 2019

This Ramadan, please remember that the sawaab (blessings) you may get in return could far outweigh what you choose to bequeath.

So, will you give your Sadaqah and help EAP create a change to the lives of these Palestinians this Ramadan?

Do not miss the opportunity to gain the reward of feeding your brothers and sisters in Palestine this Ramadan!

Save Palestine. Donate Now. Make a difference this Ramadan 2019.


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