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EAP honours the highest academic achievers

EAP honours the highest academic achievers in Gaza’s high school


In the far lands of the Gaza Strip, there were odoriferous oud scents, visually stimulating decor and flowers. With orchestrated melodies and chants that echoed across the hall; families openly celebrated the graduate’s achievements. EAP honoured the successful 2016 graduate cohort for their excellence and singularity, by being offered special awards of recognition. This marked as a happy day for everyone, as every attendee arrived with a smile on their face, and a unified ceremonial spirit for the graduates. The presence of important figures and members from the Ministry of Education were also witnesses to the important event as they identified themselves worthy of this celebration – with the families’ graduates also filling the hall with smiles and laughter, the attendance was unequivocally large.


The program of the day was varied, beginning with a beautiful Quran recitation, and a word from the graduates themselves. This was followed by orchestrated celebratory songs for the students, and a word from the director of EAP. Dr Moin Shubib, said, “We have worked very hard to provide students in the Gaza Strip the platform to celebrate their achievements; further encouraging them to expand and develop on their life goals and dreams. By taking their hand, we harness their individuality and namely, their educational ambitions, thus facilitating an environment that fosters their development in an incremental manner. These student’s achievements are the achievements of Palestine, and Palestine is in our hearts.” Dr Moin ended on wishing the graduates well, and offered a wholehearted prayer for their success at University, and their careers.

The director of the Ministry of Education in the Gaza Strip, Mr Ali Abo Hasb Allah added: “This success, is the fruit of our students’ harvests over the year, and today the time has come to reap the harvest. Today, we celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of the graduating cohort, the time they have put in their studies and how far they have come. Hasb Allah asserted that this achievement is not only for the students, but marks as a success for all the Palestinians. Given the climate in Palestine, this is a success for academics who have rose against the odds of an unending siege and unsettled country.


And last but not least, he ended by thanking the Education Aid for Palestine (EAP) who have offered these unique opportunities in the first place for the graduates. With a special mention of the backbone of this success, Dr Moin Shubib, the director of this noble organization. He acknowledged that this organization works tirelessly, day in and day out, to serve the education and journey of these students’ educational pursuits.

Finally, the graduates were offered the opportunity to expressly thank EAP for organizing the event, and further commended their exceptional hard work and proven results. They ended with a personal reflection, of their keenness to continue endeavoring on their dreams. Further highlighting, how such an event will unequivocally inspire the next graduating cohorts to share similar work ethic and fulfil their dreams.