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EAP Higher Education Report 2019

EAP celebrates 180 new graduates 2019


The Higher education programme (HEP) at EAP helps and supports needy students attain the right skills to plan their future and builds them into positive young people within their community. There are two types of educational support that EAP offer students which are: University Education and Vocational Training. This comprehensive program aims to cover education at universities, colleges and vocational courses. The Higher education programme includes university education (scholarships) and vocational training to equip the student with essential skills as well as equipment including: laptops, books and computers. We also provide a hardship fund to help students with transport and financial difficulties they may face potentially.

This programme has successfully been ongoing since 2016 and this year is the fourth year. It is also a year of celebration with our first set of graduates who EAP have been sponsoring since 2016. Therefore, EAP would like to thank you for your kind donations that have helped these needy but ambitious young Palestinian students succeed, graduate and attain their certificate. The certificate for them is a tool for the individual to embark on their journey of work life and gain new opportunities helping them form a better future.


Through your generosity, Alhamdullilah we have begun to now generate the fruits of our work with this programme. This year, 2019 has seen huge achievements with EAP including 180 students graduating. This consists of 120 university students and 60 vocational training students who studied vocational programmes such as media training, plumbing, mechanics, sewing, electricians, administration and computer networking. By providing an intensive one-year training course for those who were not given the chance to pass secondary school, they can now be equipped with transferrable skills required to thrive in the working environment and gain the opportunity to find a lot of jobs available to them.

In Palestine – in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip specifically, we have more than 30 universities providing excellent undergraduate level to postgraduate taught (MA) and postgraduate research’s (PhD). Due to the conflict, Palestinian universities are constantly struggling to perform academically, especially in Gaza and the West Bank. The severe shortage of funding for Universities is also the most obvious struggle for Palestinians. Universities are looking for help across all departments and require basic technological appliances and devices on campus. This project therefore aims to offer an excellent learning environment for Universities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Students are thus provided with equipment and resources to excel in despite the struggles of a political siege.  

However, here at EAP we consider vocational learning as important as higher education, since graduates of vocational training courses are immediately provided with the appropriate and required skills to succeed in their future. As of late, Vocational Training has become an important sector in the Gaza Strip, with the latest World Bank economic report stating that Gaza’s economy and unemployment rate is now the highest in the world. As of last year, 43% of Gaza’s 2 million residents are currently unemployed, with youth’s unemployment levels reaching almost 60%. The vocational education fund aims to provide courses in vocational training for Palestinian youth who were not offered the chance to continue in their academia. We aim to provide them with the required skills and experience to develop in the local market.

This year saw our first set of  180 students graduating whom we have been supporting and sponsoring since 2016. This is the achievement that EAP would like to continue to see by focusing on less fortunate, needy students who are high achievers but who come from a poor family and taking them out of their poverty circle through our higher education programme.

Our programme opens up new doors to students and young people in Palestine with their certificates to be able to start working and generating income. Furthermore, it also allows the individual to become a positive person in their community.

Donate now and continue to support EAP’s higher education programme to build more positive characters in Palestine.

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