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EAP Comprehensive Final Report – Qurbani 2020

EAP Comprehensive Final Report – Qurbani 2020

As we approach the end of the month of Dhu’l-Hijjah, EAP are delighted to announce that we managed to reach 5,000 needy families and provide them with the gift of Qurbani. We are proud to announce the success of our seasonal social project of Qurbani or Udhiyya as with your help, we managed to feed thousands of families the luxury of meat this Eid Al-Adha which many only have once a year. With your generosity and your help, we aim to carry on this project every year InshaAllah.

This year EAP decided to launch and introduce the Qurbani campaign to help and reach the families of the children we sponsor in our comprehensive education scheme by gifting them Qurbani. These families include orphans, special needs and children in need.

The Prophet (saw) said: “It is the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim (as). For every hair of the Qurbani you receive a reward from Allah (swt).”


Qurbani holds a very special place in Islam and has a central importance. Muslims sacrifice and honour the tradition of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) by sacrificing an animal and distributing the meat to those in need. Qurbani meat provides a healthy protein packed food resource to these families enduring poverty in Palestine.

Qurbani meat is a rare luxury in Palestine due to the high costs and we did not want our brothers and sisters in Palestine to miss the chance of receiving Qurbani as it is very costly in Palestine ranging between £200-£300 whereas in other countries, it ranges around £50 or even less. This is why your support helped families have meat on Eid, which may be one of the few times a year they eat fresh meat. This is the importance of EAP’s new Qurbani campaign.

This year, EAP launched three Qurbani or Udhiyya options which included Fresh Qurbani, Canned Qurbani and Sadaqah Qurbani. Our wide range of options benefitted many families and also gave our donors wider choices. Paying your Qurbani with EAP means that you can guarantee that all of your donation will reach those who need it most. We identify the families who would greatly benefit from a Qurbani parcel, and ensure that they receive the meat before Eid ul-Adha.

When families receive Qurbani meat, it fosters a real sense of hope for them and allows them to celebrate this important occasion along with millions of other Muslims across the world.

EAP’s Qurbani meat campaign is the solution; providing a healthy protein packed food resource to families enduring poverty in Palestine.

Overall, it was a very successful start of our Qurbani campaign reaching 5,000 needy families and over 30,000 individuals living in poverty. We hope that these numbers will continue to grow and that you will continue to spread the blessings to Palestine and donate through EAP.

As we learn from our prophet Muhammad (Pbuh): whoever brings happiness to anyone, he will be rewarded Jannah. And when is it a better time to bring happiness to someone? 

EAP would like to thank you for bringing joy to our suffering brothers and sisters in Palestine through the gift of Qurbani while simultaneously fulfilling your obligations to Allah SWT this Eid Al-Adha.