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Variety of donation projects to help our donors to donate for Palestinians

Education Aid for Palestinians has a variety of projects to help our donors to donate for Palestinians. In the same line, these projects help EAP to reach all levels and sectors of the needy Palestinians on the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the refugees scattered in many places in the diaspora. Kindergartens and schools contains the orphans, special needs and the needy children of the poor families. You will also see the hot and healthy meals we provide to the children in the schools. These seasonal campaigns also open the doors for donors to Palestine to help the Palestinians in winter school and when they go back to school by September every year. Clean and safe water is another major EAP project in schools and helped the donors to donate to Palestinians through Waqf (endowment scheme). Finally, our Ramadan Projects as well as the social activities we do during Ramadan help the Palestinians to donate to the needy by giving they Zakat in the holy month.

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