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Clean Water For Special Needs’ Schools

Clean Water For Special Needs’ Schools

By October 2017 EAP completed and opened one of the main water projects for the special needs students in Gaza. Shams Al-Amal School for special needs students which compromised digging of the well, building the piping systems and sanitizing the water is now functional and providing clean water for more than 5000 of the special needs. EAP is keen to provide clean water in the dire city of Gaza since its inhabitants suffer from scarce access to clean water. By offering clean water to Gazan students, EAP aims to give them hope of living in an ordinary life where their basic needs are fulfilled.

It is worth mentioning that approximately 95% of the drinking water in the Gaza Strip fails to meet the standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The best Sadaqa is suqya alma’ (providing water) Hadith.

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