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Bread for the deprived

Bread for the deprived



Our EAP team have been busy distributing bread to the needy in Gaza this past week. In fact, we have managed to help 1,600 families already in Gaza. We targeted specific refugee camps in Nuseirat camp and other areas in North Gaza as well. With the long hours of fasting this Ramadan families are keen to have a basic supply of carb to keep their energy going and further sustain their worship during the evening. 

This project will God willingly continue till the end of Ramadan, but we can’t continue without your support. So please open your hearts and donate generously! 

Ramadan bread Ramadan bread Ramadan bread

Bread, Ramadan 2018


Bread is one of the main essentials in any home, and in any community. But unfortunately in most third world countries, the bread is subsidised and supported by the government, making it a necessity that is scarce. 

Bread effectively offers the basic stability in any home, and in any community, but this is missing in Gaza.  Besides the daily struggles to survive, the basic supply of food such as bread is limited, making it a very difficult reality in this month of Ramadan! 

Once the bread is available for a family, the basis of a meal is there. Hence, EAP identified this problem a long time ago and has since launched the Bread Ramadan project as part of EAP’s Ramadan appeal, helping to ensure the basics are readily available for Palestinians. 

In 2018, we provided bread for every single family that were in need and we are continuing this on during the holy month of Ramadan. We can’t do this without you. So please open your hearts, extend a hand and support us in fulfilling a basic necessity for Palestinians. Your everyday reality is somebody else’s dream.  Donate now! 


Ramadan breadRamadan breadRamadan bread