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Back to school in Palestine 2018/2019

Back to school in Palestine 2018/2019


In 2018, extreme poverty reached 33.8% in Palestine. The proportion of poor people in the Gaza Strip reached 53%, and the proportion of poor families unable to provide for their children to return to school in the Gaza Strip reached 65% (Palestinian statistics Centre, 2018)

Despite the difficult circumstances that our people in Palestine and in the Gaza Strip in particular are facing, the back to school season begins in September 2018, and 1.3 million students in Palestine are getting ready to start their new school year, including 750,000 students from the West Bank and 550,000 in the Gaza Strip.

The back to school project is a part of the Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP)’s programme to support education in schools. It is a seasonal programme in which we help school students during key moments in the year. We provides them with school bags, stationery, school uniforms, shoes and other school supplies that students need to start their year.

With £40 only, we cover the student’s school needs for the entire school year.



Social and economic impact of this project

We carry the back to school project to support the poorest families in Palestine, who are unable to send their children to school as they cannot provide for their basic school necessities. We support these families socially, morally and economically. The project also makes a good impact on the Palestinian economy as we buy the school supplies from local garment manufacturers and bag manufacturers. Besides it has a positive impact on the school teachers who begin their work with motivated students. Overall it creates a healthy atmosphere in our Palestinian society and in the educational field in particular.  

Support for literacy in Palestine

When the needy students miss school because of the lack of school supply, they find themselves deprived of the chance to go to school and deprived of the chance to get an education. This leads to an increase in the rate of illiteracy in Palestine.

The school education programme is the cornerstone for preparing students to their current and future stages as students. We help them face a great challenge in what we believe is a critical juncture of their life.


Who do we target in this project?

In this school Education Project for Palestine, EAP helps three groups of students: Orphan Students, Special Needs Students and Children in Need Students.

Orphan Students:  we are facing a major problem with the orphan group. So far, we could only support one orphan per family. This means that the rest of the orphans of the family did not receive any help. We have worked hard and this year, we have decided to update our policy and to help two orphans per family for the school year 2018/2019. If the family has 5 children for instance, then three of them are still deprived from the chance of getting an education, but we believe in our project and we will continue our efforts to reach as many orphans as possible.

Special needs students: We provide for their necessities and their school supplies and we help them whether they go to a public school or a private school. It is particularly difficult to help the Special Needs students given the difficult situation in Palestine.

Children in Need Students: this group is the most complex one and the one that needs us most. It includes the marginalized and neglected children that are not receiving any assistance. The number of families with children in need is bigger than the one in the other two groups, and yet they have been forgotten because they seem to be less visible and less interesting to the donors. We are thus making a priority to support those children living in precarious conditions.


Please feel free to support this cause, which is a part of our Needy Student Fund Endowment project (Waqf). By helping those poor Students, you make an ongoing charity for yourself or your beloved mothers and fathers.

Prophet Muhammad said: “when the son of Adam dies, his deeds come to an end except for three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him”

Do not miss this opportunity to help!