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هدية اليتيم – رمضان

Ramadan Orphan Gift – Educational Aid For Palestinians (EAP)

Ramadan Orphan Gift – In this project, we cover orphan’s school tuition fees, medical expenses, school meals, clean water and other necessities.

Project Background

Thousands of Palestinian children have lost a father, and in many cases their mother too.  A household income is low and education costs lots of money. Our Orphan Students project has been under execution for over than twenty years now. We sponsor each child until they are 18 and we then transition them into a Higher Education program.

How long you stay with the orphan

We keep sponsoring the student boy or girl till he or she reaches 18 years old. After that we do our best to transfer them from a social program to a higher education program. The full sponsorship of the orphan student is £300 per year (£25month). Do not miss such an opportunity, especially in this holy month. Every little helps.


Ramadan Orphan Gift
Ramadan Orphan Gift
Ramadan Orphan Gift

Orphans and Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of giving and helping others. Whoever sponsors the orphan and helps him will be with our Prophet in Paradise. Ramadan is the time to look after helping the orphan and his family by giving the zakat and sadaqa as they have been deprived from the security and warmth of a father and mother. EAP awaits your sponsorship, donate now!

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for the needy in Palestine.

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