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Our home has not seen meat for the past 3 months

Our home has not seen meat for the past 3 months

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have life altering disabilities, including physical and mental frailties. With the lack of education, low social status and scarce support, they often find it difficult, if not impossible, to attend school. But when you support one disabled person, you are not only supporting them, but also their family and the community.

In Zeitoun, a family primarily special needs based (disabled) are crippled by the physical and psychological burdens of life in Gaza. Amani, a family of 11 are a poor family and have required our support and we have therefore been sponsoring them.  

Our home has not seen meat for the past 3 months

In fact, during our final Winter campaign, we helped distribute lamb for the poor and needy people. We offered 50kg of lamb, but the butcher offered 65Kg instead; free of charge, and out of his own kindness for his own people.

We also distributed the lamb and supported over 50 families in the poorest and most desolate areas of Gaza, costing £6 to reach 1KG of lamb to a family.

It bought endless joy and happiness to the families in Gaza.

When we entered one of the homes, we asked of the family members what she had for dinner, to which she responded, merely grounded wheat. A truly basic, and humble provision that doesn’t even satisfy an appetite.

Please donate generously, and help people like Amani who are desperately in need of our support.