Investing in the Future of People through Educational Support



There are no better investments than those that change people lives through positive ventures, which you can see blossoming in the future. We know this is something everyone says, so we’ll let our sustainable investment opportunities speak for themselves.

Education Aid for Palestinians is a London based registered charity investing in the future of Palestinians since 1993. Our vision is to empower communities and people to overcome hard circumstances, poverty, suffering and obstacles towards a better life and a better future. As this can be achieved through several areas in life, we see education as a very important means and a key to this process. EAP works to help needy Palestinian students and families to secure a decent and better life through education.

The reality of the Palestinians under siege

Statistics show that 50% of the population in the Occupied Territories are under 18 (approx. 2.5 million /UN). Education is highly valued by most of families, still, many children and young adults have no access to it. 23 % are unemployed while 26% are in vulnerable employment according to the World Bank, with a stagnant economic growth in the West Bank and Gaza. For that, many families can’t afford tuition fees and cover the costs of basic equipment. Persons with disabilities have rare opportunities if anything is found. Children and young adults, including orphans, find themselves under the pressure of finding jobs, though vulnerable, to support their families. Unfortunately, they are exploited, underpaid and overworked.

Our Philosophy


EAP aims at empowering and enabling Palestinians through education to help them overcome hard circumstances, suffering and obstacles, and to build a basis for a better life and a better future for current and future generations.

EAP prides itself in its unique and long term vision for education for Palestinians who are facing tribulations and calamities. EAP aims at improving the lives of the needy though an entire and wholesome investment that goes beyond the basic rights of every needy. EAP guarantees education as a basic right for children, as worthy living people who through education become worthy, valuable and active citizens in their community.


Our mission is to enable Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza strip and refugee camps through providing support in education and training. Our ultimate purpose is to empower the generations of Palestine so they will be better-placed to earn a living to support their families and escape the poverty trap.


Our core values that shape the work are:

  • Empowerment.
  • Sustainability.
  • Innovation.
  • Professionalism.
  • Transparency.


At EAP we adopt a comprehensive strategy which takes full care of our donors, employees,  volunteers, the community and the needy we work with. We are committed to maintaining transparent, reliable and effective policies as well as practices that govern our approaches and relationship with all our stakeholders.


  • Provide higher education and scholarships to needy students in Palestine.
  • Offer financial sponsorship to needy students at all educational levels.
  • Support and help develop educational institutions and outfits in Palestine. E.g. schools and universities.
  • Help develop different segments of the Palestinian society through training and educational initiatives.
  • Raise funds and collect financial donations from individuals and organizations.
  • Collaborate with educational institutions in the UK to obtain all kinds of aid and support.